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3 Mistakes to Avoid When Trying Crossfit

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Just five years ago, people would not even know what was meant by the term ‘Crossfit’. For that matter, they wouldn’t even participate in such a sport.

It’s a different story today, however.

With almost 9000-affiliated gyms, Crossfit is the fastest growing sports there is right now.

Since this sport has raised the standards of fitness, there are mistakes and risks that one are prone.

So, for that reason, here are 3 mistakes that one can prevent when trying out Crossfit:

#1: Jump right into lifting weights

The Crossfit training program requires you to begin imitating the movements that you will perform with weight a little later on. However, it doesn’t begin with lifting weights immediately. While it is easy to get started with weights, it’s not safe or smart. First, you have to build a base by working on non-weight exercise before focusing on power by the use of weights.

#2: Overdoing it

It goes without saying that Crossfit is addictive and keeps people wanting more. In fact, the idea of beating your own personal best can work against you, and cause you to overtrain. No matter whether you are an athlete or someone who wants to get into shape, resting is vital. Ignoring this can lead to burnout and even injury as a result.

#3: Focusing on reps instead of form

To explain this, one has to touch their chest on the ground in order to complete a proper push up. Also, bending your knees is not allowed when doing squats either. In both cases, sacrificing form for more reps will not help. In fact, when you do this, you are in greater danger of injuring yourself than anything else.

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