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3 Reasons Why You Might Not Benefit From Hiring a Trainer

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Hiring a trainer doesn’t always mean you’ll get value for your hard-earned money. While it’s to be expected that they should provide you with expertise that is customized, that’s hardly the case always.

So, here are 3 ways why you might not benefiting from the expertise of a fitness trainer:

#1: Their favorite training method, not yours

A number of trainers have preferences for certain types of exercises. They then use this bias to influence their students instead of giving them a personalized program that is just right for their needs. In other words, they give lessons that are based on what they like instead of what the student needs.

So, set clear goals and ask your trainer a specific set of questions that will, in the end, help you achieve these goals.

#2: A Sport-specific workout

Trainers introduce people to exercises that mimic a particular sport, and this is not the best approach to take. In fact, experts believe that training for a sport does not take place in the gym but in the sports arena itself. The simple reason is the movement skills required in a sport should be exact and not just similar.

#3: Exercising on unstable surfaces

Some trainers have their students train on unstable surfaces such as Fitness ball, a Bosu or even wobble boards. Unfortunately none of these methods will help you build muscle. Moreover, this type of training does not help with a number of life activities or even sports because the surface is always stable.

No matter what you do, don’t work on strength training on unstable surfaces but only use this type of exercises to improve balance.

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