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3 Surprising Things that Causes Your Body to Change Its Response to Exercise

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Article written by Cellan Diet 

No matter how many things you do right, whether it is drinking water or eating the right foods, sometimes your workout still doesn’t produce maximum results.

In fact, the reason why your workout might be less effective is because of small factors. That said, here are 3 surprising things that can cause your body to change the way it responds to exercise:

#1: The time you pick

It’s a difficult thing for people to exercise during the mornings since they find it hard to wake up. However, this turns out to be a better practice since it resets our brain’s sleep/wake cycles and which changes as we age. Exercising in the afternoon also benefits anti-aging efforts as well.

In fact, a study found that working out in the afternoon is much better than in the mornings.

#2: Working out by yourself

It’s better to join a group of fitness enthusiasts as opposed to working out on your own as this will increase the effectiveness of your workout. According to an Oxford study, rowers working in teams enjoyed a greater endorphin release and higher pain tolerance as opposed to those who rowed alone.

#3: Too fit

The truth is that the fitter you get, the harder it is to see additional results. This is because you will reach your genetic limits. So, if you are looking for the same gains, then you’ll have to work twice as hard.

In order to deal with this limitation, there are two things that you can do: either change your routine or take a break from exercise some time.

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