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3 Things You Need For Your Home Gym

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It’s difficult to zero in on a list of must-haves for any gym since one should not only ensure that what they do pick offers a challenge in terms of a workout but is also equipment that they won’t outgrow in a week or two.

While it not uncommon for people to assume that a number of gadgets are required, that really isn’t true.

In fact, all you need are three things: something heavy, to step on and to hang from.

#1: Something heavy

While barbells, kettlebells and even sandbags are considered options, the thing is it can be just about anything heavy and which challenges your muscles. In fact, a 45-pound cinder-block can be twice as effective as a dumbbell set of the same weight.

So, just remember that finding something heavy that can be used in a variety of ways is better than buying specialized equipment.

#2: Something to step on

For starters, this could be a bench of either the park bench or gym variety or just a simple old box too. This piece of equipment is far more useful than you think but must be sturdy enough to handle your body weight as well as that of the weights you are using. You can easily execute extensions, curls and presses with this implement at the very least.

#3: Something to hang from

Even if something to hang from is often ignored in both home and commercial establishments, the truth is that nothing beats the pull up in all its varieties. That’s not all – a number of exercises can be executed with this implement targeting different parts of the body. In fact, a simple backyard pull up bar should suffice but no matter what you do – don’t omit this piece of equipment from your list.

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