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3 Ways That Will Help You Become an Exercise Addict

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We all have friends who never miss a day at the gym or can’t help smiling after their yoga. While this might make you feel envious, the truth is that you can do it too.


That said, here are 3 ways that will help you become an exercise addict:


#1: Six weeks is all you need

Experts say that for anything to become a habit, you need to keep at it for a minimum of six weeks. This works for exercise as well. Once you see the first few changes to your body, you won’t feel like going back to the old you. Even if you do miss a day or two, you’ll definitely miss the natural high that comes with a workout.


#2: Wake up earlier

Without hesitation, make preparations for a morning workout by setting your alarm. As studies have shown, you will improve faster with your health if you workout in the mornings for the simple reason that most people who do workout in the morning tend to stick to their workouts much longer than those who work out much later in the day.


Best part: if you finish your workout in the morning, you have time for unexpected distractions later on too.


#3: Find your favorite workout

Let’s face it: as you experiment with different types of exercises, you won’t like certain types while you might enjoy others. Make sure you stick with workouts that you wouldn’t usually associate with exercise. Just don’t think of your workout as exercise because that carries a negative connotation with it. That’ll help you stick to your routine for as long as possible.

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