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3 Ways to Find If Your Trainer is Good Or Not

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While there are several trainers that are qualified enough to help individuals get into shape, it must be said that the bad ones often outnumber the good.

With that said, one might ask, are there any ways by which you can separate the ‘wheat from the chaff’.

So, here are 3 ways to find out if your trainer is good or not:

#1: No Evidence of Past Successes

Personal training and consultation for nutrition isn’t cheap, by any means. So, it’s important to hire a trainer who is known for tracking progress when it comes to prior clients.In other words, performance and lifestyle changes for the better. If there isn’t any evidence of this, then it’s time to look for a new trainer.

#2: Doesn’t Keep Up With Health Trends

To be honest, most trainers in today’s world have nothing more than a high school diploma and a certificate obtained at a fitness training seminar conducted over a weekend. It’s always a better idea to find a trainer who’s a lifelong learner and continue to keep with health trends while also spending time studying a wide array of knowledge and training methodologies.

#3: Doesn’t Conduct Any Assessments

Conducting assessments of a new client is probably one of the first things that a trainer does before getting them started on a fitness program. Some of these assessments include basic performance tests, food intake and movement screening as well. If a thorough assessment is not conducted, then it’s time to look for a real trainer who conducts these assessments in your best interests.

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