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4 Gym Etiquette Rules to Watch Out For

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Joining a gym does not mean you get a handbook on how to behave. It’s expected for people to act as normal and decent human beings do.

Having said that, common sense isn’t what people tend to display in these environments and according to experts manage to break certain rules of etiquette that should be a given.

So, here are 4 gym etiquette rules that you should watch out for:

#1: Stay at home if you are sick

If you come to the gym sick, you’re only going to spread the infection to others. Instead, opt for a workout at home or just get some rest. However, if you must get some exercise at the gym, the least you can do is sanitize all equipment that you’ve used for obvious reasons.

#2: Stick to Cardio machine time limits

During peak hours, exercisers are given only 20-30 minutes on the cardio machines so that everyone else gets to make the most of their time in the gym. It’s just bad manner to refuse to get off the machine with someone waiting and that should be avoided. In any case, training longer on these machines aren’t necessarily effective either.

#3: Focus on Yourself

Every gym has people who flirt. However, since getting the most out of So, avoid the creepiness that come with looking at your neighbor at the gym.

#4: Avoid giving unsolicited advice

No one likes a know-it-all and more so people who like to offer unsolicited advice at the gym. Even if you are an employee, instead of offering advice, choose to inform the trainer present so that they can deal with the

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