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4 Moves that will Help You Burn Fat As Much As Possible

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Metabolic training is the new way to go which includes total-body resistance drills and high intensity intervals. This leads to burning as much calories as possible, and which makes your workout far more effective.

That said, here are 4 moves that will help you burn as much fat as possible:

#1: Ground Zero

Simply put, this exercise is really a low-impact variant of the normal jumping activities. Not only will this activity work your back but also, your entire body. These jumps target muscle fibers which will impact your heart rate, metabolism and athleticism. Best part: they will strengthen your hips and core better than the usual traditional cardio exercises.

#2: Predator Jacks

If you’ve seen the movie ‘Predator’, then this move would look familiar. Not only does it fire up those nerves which link your muscles and mind but also mobilizes the tight areas in your hips, upper back and ankles. In other words, this is the world’s quickest warm up exercise.

#3: Skater Jumps

The best benefit of this exercise is it works your legs and lungs hard and fast. Not only that, it works your hips and heart without stressing out your knees as much. This move imitates the side-by-side motion that is associated with skating.

#4: Blast-off Push ups

Most people would have never tried this push-up before but there’s one thing that’s clear: it will burn fat all over your body. Simply put, it imitates the action of a linesman off the line of scrimmage or even a sprinter’s start. Core stability is the biggest benefit from this.

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