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8 Fat Burning Tips To Help You Lose Weight

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8 Fat Burning Tips To Help You Lose Weight

Article by Sean Splackaville

Fat burning tips that can help you burn fat and lose weight. Remember, everyone’s body is different and not all techniques work for everyone. Consistency is the key, so give your body a chance to adjust with time to the changes. It may take a while to see results, but the end result is worth it.

These fat burning tips can help you discover a fat burning secret that works well. The fat burning process is a matter of proper dieting and the correct exercise and training techniques.

Before you start any fat loss or diet program, is check with your doctor to make sure you are able to enter a weight loss program. Next, you need to have a talk with the person in the mirror and convince that person that you want a new you. In order to lose weight fast, you must first convince yourself that this is something you will do and continue until you have reached your goal.

Here are my fat burning tips and I hope they will help you reach your fat loss goals:

Fat Burning Tip 1 – One of the most important fat burning tips is to eat enough fat! The body will try to hold onto its fat if your intake of fat is very low. This is a survival mechanism from our primitive past. Eat healthy fats in the form of EFA’s (fish oil), olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, nuts, CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), almond butter, and even some organic butter. If you do consume animal fats, do so in the form of very lean meats like buffalo, or free range organic beef. Chicken and turkey breasts are good choices as well. Proteins can be considered fat burning food, because they cause your body to expend up to 30% of the caloric value of the food, in order to digest it.

Fat Burning Tip 2 – Do some form of fat burning exercises each day. Perform weight-training exercise to build lean muscle that burns fat. When doing cardiovascular exercise, perform interval training, in which bursts of high intensity exercise are combined with short rest periods. These strategies focus on brief intense exercise, which has been shown to elevate metabolism and result in more favorable hormonal effects than long duration cardio exercise.

Fat Burning Tip 3 – Avoid the use of stimulants or appetite suppressors for fat loss. Stimulants can create imbalances in your neural chemistry and stress your adrenal glands. You might get a short-term effect but in the long term they can cause problems and even jeopardize your health in certain circumstances. Stick with sound nutritional practices.

Fat Burning Tip 4- Eat small frequent meals of fat burning food, throughout the day, spaced about 3 hours apart. This allows for full digestion, helps to keep blood sugar levels stable, and optimizes metabolism. Some people set one day a week aside to indulge in some sweets or other favorite food that they would normally avoid.

Fat Burning Tip 5 – Cut out red meat and eat more white meat. White meats such as fish, chicken and turkey are lower in fat content than red meats such as beef and pork. When you are trying to burn fat you need to make the switch from red to white meat.

Fat Burning Tip 6 – Don’t eat too much fatty foods. You do need some fat in your diet (the right fats), but you don’t want to go overboard. One gram of fat contains 9 calories, so you can easily see how a few grams of fat add up to a lot of calories. Try to avoid any foods that exceed a 30% fat composition.

Fat Burning Tip 7 – Cut out butter from your diet. Pick up a healthier margarine; you can choose from many healthier options, such as, lower cholesterol or lower fat margarines. If the choice is available to go for a healthier option, get it.

Fat Burning Tip 8 – Eat less salt. Salt will push up your cholesterol levels, which raises your risk of heart disease, which when combined with obesity is a potentially dangerous combination. Eat ‘low-salt’ alternatives instead.

I hope these fat burning tips will assist you in your efforts to lose weight. You can find more tips like this by visiting the website listed below.

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