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Best Fat Burning Foods

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Best Fat Burning Foods

Article by Jared Wash

These superior fat burning foods are recommended by Tom Venuto and have some of the best nutrition value while keeping you fuller to cut down on the calories you normally consume.

Make sure that you get a variety of foods into your diet as these should only be a foundation of healthy eating foods. So here are the leading ten healthiest fat burning foods you can eat for weight loss.

1) Oatmeal

If you had to eat one and only one type of complex carbohydrate to burn fat than oatmeal should become your #1 choice for losing weight. Oatmeal is practically the only complex carbohydrate source bodybuilders and fitness professionals eat when they are burning fat for their competition.

Even though it is a starchy carbohydrate, oatmeal has an excellent balance of carbs, proteins, and fats in it as a half of cup has 3 grams of fats, 27 grams of carbs, and 5 grams of protein. With the combinations of macro nutrients, oatmeal is a healthy choice for its low glycemic rate for slow digestion.

2) Yams (or sweet potatoes)

The second best choice for eating healthy with starchy carbohydrates is yams and sweet potatoes. They are all-natural, low in calories, and with a high nutrient value, it has them being an excellent selection for a fat burning food.

With a low glycemic index having it keeping you fuller longer and digestion slower explains why fitness professionals recommend it for losing weight.

3) 100% Whole Wheat and Whole Grain Products

As it is recommended in all the food pyramids, breads and grains should be a huge part in eating healthy but the rule is they must be 100% whole grain and whole wheat. If you consume white bread then kiss your fat burning goals goodbye as white bread is one of the worst things you can put in your body.

When your goal is weight loss and burning fat keep the focus on breads and grains to a minimum while also only consuming only 100% whole grain and whole wheat.

4) Green Vegetables

Fibrous carbs are the #1 choice for burning fat with carbohydrates. Just think of green vegetables as having very little calories with a huge amount of nutritionist value. If you want to lose weight than focus on eating green vegetables with lean protein and your body will turn into a fat burning machine.

5) Fresh Fruit

Whole and fresh fruits are filled with vitamins that will keep you healthy, energized and burning fat all day long. Most fruits are low in calories, carbs, and high in fiber that makes them a fantastic choice for developing a lean and toned body.

6) Skin Milk and Nonfat Dairy Products

Dairy products are great for weight loss when they are nonfat or skin as others can be every dense in fat and calories. Dairy products have a combination of proteins and carbohydrates that makes them an excellent choice for implementing them into your weight loss eating program.

Stick with lean and nonfat products to keep the calories low and the nutrition value high making them a healthier choice for burning fat and eating healthy.

7) Chicken and Turkey Breast

Chicken and turkey I believe are the number one selection for protein in ones diet. By removing the skin and eating the white meat keeps it consisting of mostly protein for filling you up and eating less at the same time. Whatever way you cook them stay away from frying as that can turn an extremely healthy food into a dieter’s nightmare.

8) Eggs Whites

4 to 6 grams of protein, zero carbs, and zero fats makes egg whites a dieter’s life that much easier. Eggs whites are super-high quality protein but when eating the yoke becomes a habit, say hello to higher cholesterol levels and about 50 more calories that will just go to fat. Keep egg whites a healthy option for you by only eating the white part and putting the yokes in the trash.

9) Fish

Eating a variety of proteins is one of the things complained about the most as many bodybuilders and fitness professionals stick to only eggs, tune, and chicken. By implementing different kinds of fish you are giving yourself a variety of sources of protein to burn fat and lean out your body.

Also add in seafood like shrimp, crab, lobster, mussels, etc. as these all are great sources of protein that are low in fat.

10) Lean Red Meats

Finding good sources of lean red meats can become a struggle but they have many benefits like being high in protein, B-12. iron and creatine. By keeping our portion sizes small and choosing the leaner red meats it can also be a great food source for burning fat and weight loss.

These 10 fat burning foods are not the only foods good for healthy nutrition and weight loss but should help you start a foundation on what foods are good for eating healthy.

Have a great day and God bless!

About the Author

Jared Wash is an author with certifications by ACSM, NESTA, and ISSA in personal trainer, nutritionist, and online fitness coach for weight loss. His mission with top weight loss site is to guide people away from false lies and myths in the fitness industry while focusing on true health.

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