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Fat Burn Zone

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Fat Burn Zone

Article by David Done

The good old fat burn zone is one of the biggest jokes in fitness and fat loss workouts going. It’s a shame that so many people believe in the fat burning cardio zone and that they have wasted so many hours on those programs.

I’ve spent over 17 years in the gyms and have yet to meet someone who got the body of their dreams by exercising in the fat burning zone. On the other hand, I’ve met hundreds of men and women, and heard from thousands more by email, who have told me that long, slow, boring cardio workouts do not help them lose body fat.

The truth is that exercising in the fat burn zone is the least important factor in losing belly fat. Instead, you need to focus on the following fat burning secrets to get more results in less time: diet, interval training, and resistance training.

Research and experience proves that you can’t out-train a bad diet. So no matter how good your workouts and no matter how consistent you are, if you continue to eat fast food, sugar, high-calorie beverages, and processed carbohydrates, you’re going to have an impossible time trying to burn belly fat.

And no amount of training in the fat burning zone will help you. After all, at best, you’d be burning 10 calories per minute when you do cardio exercise in the fat burn zone. That means you’d max out at 600 calories per hour.

That sounds like a lot, right? But compare that to the 1200 calories you can consume in just 10 minutes at McDonald’s – or on an appetizer at the Outback Steakhouse – and you quickly see that diet beats exercise every time!

So take that “fat burning zone”! That’s one big strike against you. Now for strike two. A recent study from Australia found that interval training – done for only 20 minutes, three times per week – resulted in a significant decrease in belly fat.

The researchers also tested exercise in the fat burn zone. And hey, according to the so-called “fitness experts”, exercising in the “zone” should work just as well, right? Well, it didn’t.

In fact, doing three sessions per week of 40 minutes of slow cardio did NOT result in any loss of stomach fat at all! This program was useless. It was a complete waste of time and the subjects did not get any results.

Finally, it’s time for strike three and then we can tell the slow cardio fat burning zone to get outta here! We all know that for a perfect body, we need to do some type of resistance training to sculpt our arms and our abs.

But exercising in the zone does absolutely nothing for that. On the other hand, research shows that men and women who do resistance training can burn fat and sculpt muscle at the same time.

Just another reason to skip the long, slow cardio workouts. So instead, focus on your diet (eat more whole, natural foods) while using interval training to burn belly fat and resistance training to sculpt your muscles.

That will really put you in the fat burn zone! For more info on these types of workouts, get started with Turbulence Training today!

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