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Fat Burning Foods That Will Skyrocket Your Metabolism!

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Fat Burning Foods That Will Skyrocket Your Metabolism!

Article by Cristina Stone

We live in a society where weight-control is a multi-billion dollar industry, we are all desperate to lose weight and lack of knowledge is the main key to weight gain. This article provides a free list of fat burning foods for the best ways to lose weight and burn fat quickly. You’ll find all the answers to all the questions you’ve asked about what foods you should eat to burn off surplus fat.

This article will show you how to transform food from an enemy into an ally!

The secret to these super foods is that don’t miraculously melt fat, they just take more energy to digest which means you are burning up more calories.

List of Fat Burning Fruits



-Apples Apricots








List of Fat Burning Vegetables







-Green Beans




List of Fat Burning Meats







-Chicken (without the skin)


List of Natural Fat Burning Foods

Avocados,Coconut,Nuts and Seeds,Olives, andOlive Oil

Avoid or have in very small quantities the following non-fat burning foods:








Full Fat Cheeses

Sugary & Fizzy Drinks

Deep-Fried Foods

Deep-Fried Chips

Extra Tips to Burn Fat Quicker:

Drink Plenty of Fluid Every Day

Drink plenty of water, black, green and herbal tea around 2 litres or 3.5 pints. Coffee is not to be counted towards your fluid intake- try and limit the intake of coffee as this has been linked to high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels.


Aim to exercise 30 – 45 minutes at least four times a week by choosing to power walk, cycle or swim -all excellent and fun ways to burn off fat quickly. Of the three I would advise you to start on the power walking, it’s the easiest and mix it up with some resistance workouts to strengthen the muscles and burn fat quicker.

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I lost an amazing 47 lbs. of fat in 8 weeks using the Calorie Shifting Diet. To read more about my journey visit:

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