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Fat Burning Foods That You Can Eat

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Fat Burning Foods That You Can Eat

Article by Sean Bissell

Did you know that there are fat burning foods that you can eat to help you in weight loss? There are actually plenty for you to choose from. Don’t worry, these foods are not the result of a genetically modified crazy fat burning experiment, and they should be 100% safe for you to consume them. Eating fat burning foods can be very useful for those who are on a diet. This is also the reason why most fad diets consist of fat burning foods like tomatoes, watermelons, mushrooms etc.

These natural fat burners are sometimes called negative calorie foods. They are foods that can require more energy to burn then they provide, there aren’t very many of these that have been proven to really work, but celery is one of those that is not so disputed.

At the same time, there are also other non-negative calorie foods that can help burn fat. For example, coconuts and coconut oil are another natural food that is often considered a fat burner. Women in India have been using the coconut for centuries to threat hair, skin and weight problems.

One of the most outstanding foods in the fat burning food list would be fruit like berries and apples. The fat burning fruits contain a certain chemical called pectin. Pectin is said to help halt cells’ capacity to absorb fat. It can also help cells release their fat holdings.

Almost all vegetables are great fat burning foods, tomatoes and sprouts are just some of the examples.

Tomatoes contain vitamin C which helps to stimulate the kidneys and pancreas to flush out toxins or waste matter. Vitamin C not only helps remove the toxins in your body, it improves your immune system and ultimately helps you to become a healthy person that you are not before.

Horseradishes, radishes and lettuces can be very rich in magnesium and iron. These minerals are able to speed up the some people’s metabolism. Onions and carrots can also be used for this process.

In general, fibrous foods are considered the best natural fat burning foods to use if you are thinking of going on a diet. These fibers help to keep you full longer and help move matter through your system faster. Thus, you can always consider to have more of these in your diet to aid yourself in weight loss. Having a diet full of fiber certainly beats one that is full of calories.

Here is a short list of other fruits and vegetables that are recommended:


Oranges are ideal fat burning fruits. Rich in Vitamin C, they act as the best fruit for those who want to burn fat fast.


Mangoes are packed with fiber and are low in calories.


Apples help to keep the pounds away. Apples contain the higher percentage of pectin as compared to other fruits. An apple a day, keep the weight away!

Fat burning foods are not hard to find. Head to any super market and you will be treated with endless rows of fat burning food.

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