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Fat Burning Foods – Top 15 Foods to Eat to Burn Belly Fat Fast!

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Fat Burning Foods – Top 15 Foods to Eat to Burn Belly Fat Fast!

Article by Vanessa Cyrus

One of the fastest and most effective ways of getting rid of unsightly stomach fat is by consuming foods that will naturally burn fat and increase your metabolism and health.

There is absolutely no reason at all to waste your hard earned money on ridiculously expensive fat burning pills and weight loss supplements because they will not provide you with results that will last long-term.

Eating natural foods that burn fat work by way helping you to burn a high number of calories than the amount you consume. Also, by eating these foods, you will assist your metabolism to work harder as well. The list below shows the top 15 fat burning foods.

In addition to the list, I will also provide you with some additional fat loss tips at the end of the article.

– Green beans

– Brussels Sprouts

– Egg whites

– Oranges

– Chicken

– Whole grain bread

– Bell peppers

– Salmon

– Radish

– Apricots

– Raspberry

– Strawberry

– Watermelon

– Tangerine

– Lima beans

Of course, this list only shows a small portion of the many fat burning foods available out there. If any of the foods above do not appeal to you, there are plenty of other resources that can insight you on other weight loss foods.

There are a several other things that will help you with getting rid of belly fat aside from the methods above. The second list seen below will show you 5 tips on ways you can naturally shed away belly fat even quicker.

1) Drink more water and less soft drinks. A nutrition plan that does not have you drinking at least eight cups of water daily is not a proper plan. Water contains no calories and activates your metabolism as well as keeps it healthy.

2) Eat foods high in protein. Protein is a natural fat burner and builds/activates the muscles.

3) Participate in more full body exercises such as hiking, front squats and back squats.

4) Avoid eating foods that are high in bad fats such as sugary foods like ice cream, doughnuts and cookies. If you want to be really good, you should not eat any foods that come from an animal source.

5) Simple carbohydrates are bad for you and cause weight gain so avoid white bread, pastas and white rice. Complex carbohydrates in whole grain foods haven’t been processed and contain nutrients your body needs.

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