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Fat Burning Supplements

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Fat Burning Supplements

Article by Stretch

Fat Burners are probably the most controversial of all bodybuilding supplements. The recent recall of all the Hydroxycut products has made headline news. Hundreds upon hundreds of companies manufacture these products. It seems that a new product hits the market on a daily basis. The FDA currently does not regulate these supplements which can allow for some shady companies to manufacture them. This being said, individuals thinking of taking a fat burning supplement, or any supplement for that matter, should speak with their doctor.

Manufacturers can take steps to ensure the quality of these products, however. Ensuring the potency of the ingredients of the products will be a big part of this. The FDA does have a program called Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) that many supplement companies are now abiding by. Some companies now place a GMP logo on their products to eliminate any fears that a consumer might have.

Do fat burning supplements work?Well, they help. Nothing beats the tried and true method of eating well and exercising. The problem that people have with these products is that they are too dependent on them. They see these products as wonder drugs and never adjust their diet or their exercise habits. So, if you’re going to use them. Be responsible and how use them how they are intended… a “supplement” to your program.

What are the best fat burners on the market?Well it all depends on the person. If you ask five different people this question, you will get five different answers. Some people are more sensitive to stimulants than others so they don’t need anything with a lot of stimulants. Some people want to get a buzz from the product so they can “feel” it working. It’s worth mentioning again, speak with your doctor before taking these supplements.

The most popular fat burners currently on the market are:

Lipo 6 / Lipo 6x by NutrexAnimal Cuts by UniversalMeltdown by VPXDren by MHPBetastax by Bioquest

Most of these products will help when combined with a diet and exercise program. If you are interested in any of these products just check out any online supplement retailer like or for more information.

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