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Fat Burning Training: Stop Doing Ineffective Cardio

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Fat Burning Training: Stop Doing Ineffective Cardio

Article by William Coulter

It is commonly believed that fat burning training involves only cardiovascular exercises performed on treadmills and elliptical machines. Actually, in terms of the best burning fat training, weight training is simply more effective than cardio. The best method to build lean muscle and elevate your metabolic rate is to maintain good nutritional habits in conjunction with a fat burning training routine of weight training and cardio.

Fat Burning

Fat burning is a very essential part in the whole process of losing weight, building muscles and shaping the body. Fat-burning (oxidation of fatty acids) is a form of energy-provision which takes place in our bodies on a 24/7 basis. The basics of metabolism has everything to do with fat burning. When you perform any kind of activity your body burns fat and glucose. Exercise such as walking, swimming, cycling, running and muscle strengthening exercises is one of the best fat burning exercise program strategy, for a number of reasons. Developing muscle is important to fat burning since it increases the body’s metabolism which in turn burns more calories throughout the day.


There are several things which affect the metabolism such as exercise, the digestion of foods, body temperature, and hormone activity. Exercise with the right combination of food is the key to long term weight loss or reduction of fat. Make exercise your focus and schedule the rest of your day around it instead of trying to squeeze it in when you can. You’ll find out its a lot more important to do quality, not quantity, when it comes to your exercise sessions.


Muscle is metabolically active tissue and thus causes your body to burn fat all around the clock. To be an efficient fat burner you need to increase your muscle mass. So right there, you can lose weight just because you have a higher ratio of muscle to fat. In order to build and maintain lean muscle mass, weight training is the key. The most ideal way to build lean muscle and increase metabolism is to combine good nutrition with resistance training and cardiovascular exercise.

Interval Training

A more effective way to burn fat and keep the muscle is High intensity interval training or HIIT. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a short training session, which can vary from 15-30 minutes. In fact scientific studies have conclusively shown that High intensity interval training can burn your adipose tissue more efficiently than low intensity exercise – up to 50% more effectively. What most people don’t know is interval training should only be performed a few times a week (and only if you are physically fit). For some people beginning the High intensity interval training program may mean walking for a warm up and then a brisk walk or slow jog during the “sprint” periods.


Many people think that the best diets are the ones that restrict their diets severely, or have them eating weird foods day in and day out, but that is not true. Eating at least four or ideally six meals a day will help you lose body fat and maintain muscle size, although you will still consume the same number of calories. Try eating three small meals and two small snacks daily. Just stop eating junk, processed, or inorganic food, eat natural and organic foods. No amount of training in the gym will lead to fat loss unless you combine it with the right sort of eating program.

Hopefully you can see that the usual mantra of eating a little less (or starving yourself) and hoping onto a treadmill for 10 hours. Is a very ineffective way of burning fat. Consider what has been discussed and improve your fat burning training.

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