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How Dental Malpractice Can Interfere With Your Diet

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Blog submitted by Dane Levy, Attorney of, a provider of legal services for those injured by dental malpractice in California

There are multiple reasons why victims of dental malpractice can experience a lower quality of life. From the chronic pain and numbness to the money spent on more treatments, unfortunate patients can experience great physical and mental anguish. Another reason why dental malpractice injuries should be avoided is that they interfere with a healthy diet.

Because of their nerve and oral injuries, many dental malpractice victims have a difficult time chewing and consuming nutritious foods because of pain or decreased jaw mobility. This also applies to misdiagnosed oral cancer, which is a form of dental malpractice. Oral cancer also makes it difficult to chew and swallow, and if your dentist cannot recognize oral cancer, it is much more difficult to treat.

The best diets are the ones that provide the right balance of nutrients for a healthy body. Without the right nutrients, patients can experience unwanted weight loss and malnutrition. Even if your goals are to slim down, losing weight without the proper nutrients is unhealthy and dangerous.

If you have an injury caused by a botched dental procedure, all is not lost. You can file a dental malpractice claim to receive compensation for the damages you have experienced. Dane Levy is a dental malpractice attorney in California who has decades of experience winning high-profile malpractice cases and getting his clients the compensation they deserve. Contact him today to discuss the details of your case and move one step closer to winning in court.

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