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Is an assisted living community for me?

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Have you ever thought about an assisted living facility Burbank for your senior loved ones? It is a compelling option if you are looking for alternative housing arrangements and don’t find nursing homes appealing. Here are some facts that will help you decide.

Daily Living

One of the biggest advantages in an assisted living environment is the help you get with daily living activities. There is assistance for personal activities like bathing, dressing, and eating. In addition, you also get your cleaning, laundry, and meals taken care of by professionals.


Another important fact is that even with 24-hour onsite medical staff, they are not ever-present as you would see in nursing homes. When you need a doctor or a nurse, you can call for one. If your needs change at all, the living arrangements can change to match your new requirements.


The most important factor for most is the setting. Depending on the facility, you get either a mini-apartment or small housing units, which provide privacy and a home-like feeling. There are also rooms with attached bathrooms if it is the preference.


People can feel isolated living at home, and that gets magnified as we get older and mobility suffers. In a community such as these, there is room for as little or as much socialization as each resident would like.


Often, the cost of an assisted living facility Los Angeles is less than a nursing home, due to the difference in medical care requirements, which makes it much more practical in the longer term.

Glen Terra Senior Assisted Living is a highly acclaimed assisted living facility in Glendale, CA available to all clients seeking an assisted living facility in Los Angeles County. Their dedicated, friendly staff, affordable wellness program, and spacious, clean living areas will help enrich and cultivate senior residents’ quality of life.

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