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Lipase rich Cellan Diet Pills to block fat absorption

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Dieting has been listed for many years as the way to lose weight and fight fat absorption by blood. However, a group of UCLA researchers found that many of the dieters not only regain what they lost and put on more weight. Lipase, the enzyme that breaks down dietary fat has been named to inhibit fat absorption. The human pancreatic lipase that breakdown dietary fat in the human digestive system, converts triglycerides found in ingested oils into monoglycerides and two fatty acids. Green tea extract has been linked to block lipolysis of triglycerides in gastric and duodenal medium. Cellan Diet Pills is a supplement that is rich with green tea extract.

Cellan Diet Pills contain 100 percent green tea extract. Additional ingredients contained in the pill include dried and powered inner parts of African Mango, an exclusive berry blend, and Vitamins. In addition to green tea extract researchers have linked African Mango to suppress appetite. That may be why people in West Africa have been using African Mango in their cooking for centuries. Together these ingredients not only block fat absorption but also help to lose weight. Go online and watch a video at to find out more about Cellan Diet Pills and its effectiveness.

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