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Lose Fat Forever with The Fat Burn The Muscle Program

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Lose Fat Forever with The Fat Burn The Muscle Program

Article by Caitlin Ryan

CLICK HERE for a FREE WORKOUT!! Recently I was asked what the top 5 fat burning exercises are for fat loss, and I sort of cheated on the answer. I don’t have 5 exercises, but I do have 5 specific movements that are the best for a fat burning workout. These movements should be in all total body workouts if you have time. First is any type of squatting movement. So this can be barbell squats, dumbbell squats, bodyweight squats, single leg squats, and can even be split squats. Further, this should be the first exercise in a total body fat burning workout. Try any exercise where there is a bending of the hips, pushing the butt down to parallel or lower to the floor, and come back up nice and strong. My favourite total body fat burning exercise is barbell squats, but if you don’t have equipment, you can use bodyweight squats for bodyweight interval training. Also, deadlifts are a great squatting movement, but these also fall into the category of a pulling exercise, so you can use this exercise in either category (or cover two categories with just one total body exercise). Second is a pushing movement. This can be bench press, push press, any type of push up, or a dumbbell press. Ideally, you will want to choose an exercise that is total body. I prefer push-ups or heavy presses because you get more out of that exercise than what you would get from a cable cross over for the chest for example. Third is any type of pulling movement. This can be a rowing
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