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Reasons why routine dental visits are important

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Article written by Elite Dental Group

Annual dental exams should be part of regular check-ups, as they help to maintain good oral health throughout a person’s life. Most dentists will recommend two annual checks a year as they provide the dentist with a better understanding of a patient’s health concerns and offer more treatment options.

Here are some reasons why annual dental visits are important:

Cavity prevention – Plaque is a common substance that builds near a person’s gum line. Justify untreated plaque can cause cavities as it holds on to bacteria which weakens enamel and causes decay.

Preventing gum disease – Gum disease is a relatively harmless condition but when Justify untreated can cause tooth loss, bleeding, and swelling of the gums. Often patients will not notice that they have gum disease until it is too late.

Reducing tooth loss – Tooth loss starts with plaque build-up. Regular dental checkups can help to clean teeth of plaque reducing the chances of plaque destroying a person’s bone resulting in tooth loss.

A whiter smile – Consumption of food and drinks that cause staining can reduce the brightness of your smile. Often professional dental cleanings or whitening treatments can remove surface stains, providing patients with a beautiful bright smile.

Good overall health – Good oral health has been shown to lower the risks of some diseases such as heart attacks and strokes.

Save money in the long run – Preventative maintenance is a great way to reduce expensive treatments, exams, and screenings later on in life.

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