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Skin care creams versus lotions

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Article by Alitsa Neuyo


A lot of lotions and skincare creams are available in the market. Just specify an ailment and you will see that there are varieties of lotions and skin care creams which helps in curing the ailment. This is mainly due to a lot of research going on and the demand for these creams and lotions has lead to the increase in the market. The skin care products are broadly categorized as skin care creams and lotions. Even a debate can be conducted to identify which form would be the best skin care cream or lotion? But the answer to this will never be traced. It mainly depends on the individual’s needs and choice. But mostly creams which are not greasy are preferred when compared to those ones which are greasy. At the same time skin care creams are used as they can be applied very easily. In situations when they are not required to be removed at any point of time they are also used. The skin care creams are widely used as moisturizers rather than toners or cleansers. Lotions are preferred in the case of toners. Even some skin care creams are used as toners. But mostly toners have to be in liquid form. At times the skin care creams act as toners. For the purpose of cleansing both skin care creams and lotions are used. But lotions are more popular.

Skin care creams maintains the skin’s moistness and hence they are mostly used as moisturizers. That is the main reason why skin care creams are preferred for dry and sensitive skin. It is true that they preserve the moisture of the skin but skin care creams can also be used for oily skin. Sulphur and Vitamin A cream helps in the reduction of the sebum rate production.

Skin care creams can be used for disorders in skin especially for those ailments where the cream needs to be applied at the specific spot. They are widely used because the process of application is simple and at the same it will not be wasted. Burt at times it might be required that the infected area be washed with some kind of medication. In such cases lotions are mostly preferred. Even the manufacturers have a general idea of when creams would be used and lotions would be preferred. As per the analysis the skin care products come out as creams or lotions.

Anti-aging creams and eye creams are mostly skin care creams and lotions are not preferred in such cases.

Whether you choose to go for a lotion or a cream it is most important that you possess some knowledge on how to use them very effectively.

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