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Starting Your Own Business?

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An unexpected by-product of the recession has taken us all by surprise. Thousands of workers have been laid off over the past two years, but instead of plunging into depression, these inventive folks have decided to start their own business.

This certainly shows the resilience of the American worker. When you throw lemons at us, we start building a lemonade stand. We search for the best sugar prices. We hire low-cost, dependable workers and we eventually corner the market on lemonade production and become an overnight success.

Of course, we run our entire operation out of the garage for the first year or so. But what happens when we outgrow the garage? How about when the VP of Wendy’s calls saying he wants to set up a meeting and talk to you about supplying his restaurants with your lemonade? A quick look around the garage and you’re horrified at the thought that he might come for his meeting, trip over a kid’s bike and break his leg.

In order to prevent that dreadful chain of events, your mind begins to entertain thoughts of getting a “real” office. At some point, you would need to do that anyway. So maybe now’s the time. But where do you begin?

A great desk and chair is a must in any office. These should both be functional and aesthetically pleasing. If you spend all day sitting in an office chair, it should be comfortable. Otherwise, you’ll have backaches at the end of the day. A foam seat in your office chair can give you that comfy feeling and this is not too expensive. Choose from memory foam, conventional foam and several other types.

The Foam Factory has all types of foam for seat cushions, mattresses, boat cushions or any type of foam cushion that you need. This is an inexpensive way to get the support you need each day while working.

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