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The health benefits of seat cushions

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Choosing a sofa or dining room chair can be a difficult decision as you want the best value in terms of comfort, style, and durability. However, your level of detail should not end there, paying close attention to your seat cushioning can have some health benefits.

When seated a person’s weight is supported by their buttocks and thighs. Sitting even for a short period with insufficient support can cause injury to your hips, back, and thighs. These risks are further increased if you suffer from an injury, obesity, reduced mobility, or any condition that affects blood supply.

Foam is a popular choice for most living and dining room spaces as they offer the right amount of support and comfort while making replacement affordable.

Here are some areas to consider when choosing the type and thickness of your foam.

Mobility – Are you able to get in and out of your sofa easily without assistance. If getting out of your sofa is difficult the foam used may not be firm enough to give you sufficient support.

Posture – Maintaining good sitting posture when sitting on a sofa/chair is essential to avoid back and neck pain. If you cannot place your feet flat on the ground or are not getting adequate back support, you should reassess the thickness of your foam.

Cushion height – Cushion height is an integral part of any sofa/chair since the height of the cushion affects your sitting posture. A thin cushion can move whilst someone gets in and out of a chair. Leading foam manufacturers offer cushion filling to help you add height to your furniture.

Major foam retailers such as The Foam Factory offer affordable foam replacements and fillings for all types of furniture, to your specifications. Their wide range of foam varieties come in a range of thicknesses making selection a simple process.

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