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The Most Effective Type of Fat Burning Training

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The Most Effective Type of Fat Burning Training

Article by Sean Nalewanyj

Most people think that fat burning training involves only cardiovascular exercises, such as running on treadmills and using elliptical machines. In spite of this, to build a truly effective fat burning training program, you’ll need more than just cardiovascular exercise. In actuality, a fat burning training program that involves only cardio will never achieve the results that you could get by incorporating weight training.

Most people relate weight training only with bodybuilders, and this is not always the right thing to do. Still, you won’t achieve the toned and sculpted body that you want without making intense resistance training a part of your exercise regime.

Although it is important to focus on directly burning fat, you must also build lean muscle when following an overall training program. In order to build and maintain lean muscle mass, weight training is the key.

Mitochondria: The Fat Buster

An important component of muscle fibers, mitochondria are essential for fat loss because they convert nutrients into energy. Weight training can induce an increase in the amount of mitochondria in your muscle fibers. Having more mitochondria boosts your body’s fat burning processes, making it possible to burn fat more quickly and easily.

As a result, your body will burn more fat for fuel during exercise and your resting metabolic rate will also increase. So you can burn fat round the clock, and it doesn’t matter whether you are at the gym or resting. Since weight training enables you to build more muscle, resulting in greater overall fat loss, it is a critical component of your fat burning training.

Why Is Resistance Training Crucial For Effective Fat Burning Training?\Effective Fat Burning Training Requires Resistance Training. Why?

To achieve the desired long-term results through fat burning training, intense resistance training and cardiovascular exercise must be part of the exercise program. You must have a diet plan for proper nutrition as part of your fat loss program and for a healthy lifestyle, but alone this will not be enough.

Diet alone is actually detrimental as it leads to the loss of important muscle tissue. Since muscle tissue can affect the body’s metabolic rate, losing muscle tissue can slow down the body’s metabolism. When the body’s metabolic rate is negatively affected, the body’s ability to burn fat is also negatively affected. The most ideal way to build lean muscle and increase metabolism is to combine good nutrition with resistance training and cardiovascular exercise.

To test this theory, simply go to your local gym. Look at the people with the most impressive bodies. If you watch their fat burning training programs closely, you’ll almost certainly notice that those who are in the best shape are performing weight training exercises in addition to their cardio.

On the other hand, you’ll see plenty of people slaving away on the cardio machines week in and week out, who still don’t seem to burn an ounce of fat. These people have bought into the false notion that cardiovascular exercise alone can burn fat.

The addition of a good solid weight training routine into their fat burning training program is all these people need to achieve the lean, fit body they’re after.

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