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Top 4 States Receiving International Visitors in the United States

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In an official report from the Office of Travel and Tourism, the United States had 32 million visitors in a year.

Broken down, 16% are from South America, 28% from Asia and almost 37% from Western Europe.

That said, here are top 4 states visited by international tourists in the United States:

#4: Hawaii

Hawaii enjoys attention from both domestic as well as foreign visitors. But that doesn’t mean its beaches are lacking in appeal at all. For the most part, this state receives a large number of Asian visitors.

#3: California

California received more than 5 million visitors just like the next two states. Some of the reasons why a number of visitors came to this state is because of the best air connections with Asia, a number of awesome national parks and the reputation of cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco.

#2: Florida

7.2 million visitors came to Florida in 2013, making it the second-most visited state in the United States. This isn’t surprising since there are a number of tourist attractions in Florida with Disneyland and Orlando parks, nightclubs and beaches in Miami and the beauty of Key West.

#1: New York

Almost 10 million of all international visitors came to New York ensuring it got the top spot for 2013 much like the previous year. Of course, these numbers does not include Canadians who might drop into Buffalo for a quick stint of shopping, it only reveals how popular the state really is.

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