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What to expect when you get a professional dental cleaning?

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Most people will get anxious before a dental cleaning as they may feel that the process will be painful. However, a dental cleaning if done every 6 months can be painless and improve the appearance and health of a person’s teeth.

Often dental cleanings can last between 30 minutes to an hour. A dental cleaning will start with a dentist using a small mirror to examine the patient’s teeth. Secondly, a dentist will remove plaque and tartar on teeth and around the gum line using a scaler.

Next, the patient’s teeth will be polished with a gritty tooth polish and a high-powered brush. A good dentist will make sure that the patient feels no pain during a dental cleaning. Lastly, a dentist will floss the patient’s teeth to remove any plaque and food particles lodged in-between teeth. Flossing can also alert a dentist if gum bleeding occurs which is the first sign of gum disease.

A dental cleaning is complete when a dentist washes and rinses your mouth. Rinsing helps to remove any tooth polish and tartar that has been removed.

Following a dental cleaning, a dentist will ask the patient how they brush and floss their teeth. They would also offer advice on any areas that need more attention or suggest dental treatments that can improve alignment and the appearance of your teeth. It is advised to visit a dentist every 6 months to clean and polish teeth as it can prevent dental decay while improving the quality and appearance of teeth.

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