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5 Simple yet Surprising Ways to Lose Weight

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Losing weight doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might consider it to be. There are simple tips that one can adopt so as to speed up the process.


So, here are 5 simple yet surprising way by which you can lose weight quickly:


#1: Eat a Breakfast Dessert


As unlikely as this might seem, a study by researchers in Israel found that those who ate a large breakfast with a sweet treat or two ended up losing almost 37 pounds over a duration of eight as opposed to those who ate a smaller breakfast with the same amount of calories.


#2: Skip Images of high-calorie foods


A University of California study shows that images of high calorie foods often showed on the telly tend to trigger the brain’s appetite control center. So, it’s a good idea to fast forward through the commercials when watching television.


#3: Clench your Fists


According to several studies conducted and published in the Journal of Consumer Research 2011, people were able to control their impulses when they tightened a muscle for at least 30 seconds.


#4: Try a bowl of veggie soup for lunch


While it’s a good habit to opt for a kid serving, another would be to have a bowl of vegetable soup before eating lunch. According to researchers at the Pennsylvania State University, you’ll end up eating 20% less calories as a result.


#5: Reduce meat consumption


The key to reducing weight when it comes to a diet is to eat 80 percent of things that grow and only 20 percent of things that walk. Speaking of walking, it wouldn’t hurt to go for a walk first thing in the morning.

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