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Free List of Fat Burning Foods

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Free List of Fat Burning Foods

Article by Kenny Leones

Is there a way to lose weight without feeling hunger and weak? The secret to burn more fats and lose weight is to make yourself satisfyingly full by eating and drinking the fat burning foods. Fat burning foods actually burn more calories than what is consumed. Thus, even the stored excess fats are burned.

This free list of fat burning foods is recommended to anyone who wants to lose weight. The list consists mostly of vegetables and fruits.


applesapricotsblackberriesblueberriescherrieschivescorncranberriescucumbersgrapefruit grapeshoneydewlemonslimesmangoesorangespapayapeachespearspineappleprunesraspberriesstrawberriestangerinestomatoesturnipswatermelon


asparagusbeetsbroccoliBrussels sproutscabbagecantaloupecarrotscauliflowerceleryeggplantgarlicgreen beansleekslettuceokraonionsparsleypeaspepperspumpkinradishesred cabbagesauerkrautscallionsspinachsquash



Aside from the free list of fat burning foods to lose weight, it is important to remember these three principles of nutrition to optimize the fat burning effects:

1. Food’s “thermic” effect

Fats and processed or refined carbohydrates only have a three percent rate. It means that the body will only need three calories to use in order to use or burn 100 calories of these fats and refined carbohydrates. While, unprocessed or natural carbohydrates have at least 20% rate and proteins have a level of 30%. Thus, consuming particular protein-foods and regular exercise can help burn fat fast.

2. Boosting up the metabolic rate.

Metabolism is the processing of chemicals inside one’s body that result to production of energy. A person with high metabolic rate feels more lively and energetic. A faster metabolism leads to faster losing of body fat. Thus, in order to lose weight, one must increase his metabolism. Choosing the right food to eat will increase the rate of metabolism.

3. Right order of Macronutrients that the body wants to use

As mentioned a while ago, proteins plus exercise will lead to a leaner body. Thus, intakes of food with proteins are more preferable than food rich in carbohydrates and fats. Proteins force the body to use up more calories to process them. This results to higher metabolism.

Here’s a free list of fat burning foods rich in high quality protein:a. Fresh fish and seafood (preferably wild caught to avoid contaminated fish) such as mackerel, clams and salmon.b. Lean meat.c. Organ meat and meat of grass-eating animals such as beefalo, bison and cattle.d. Organic and fresh eggs. Remember to eat one yolk only per day and avoid frying.e. Organic poultry meat.

Farm raised poultry, fish and meat are less nutritious that the wild ones since they are fed with either corn or other ready made feeds. It is better to avoid these kinds of foods.

If one makes it a regular part of his diet to eat these free list of fat burning foods plus regular exercise, the unwanted fats will surely melt. So don’t deprive yourself from eating. Choosing the right food will not only keep you full but will also help in burning the extra fats.

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