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How to create an allergy-free home?

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Allergies can make daily activities like work and school unpleasant. Although allergens outside your home are difficult to control, in-home allergens can be reduced by keeping your home clean and dry.

Some of the most common in-home allergens include pet dander, dust, mold, and dust mites, which can aggravate allergy symptoms or trigger an attack. Creating an allergy-free home can be as simple as introducing some of the following cleaning practices.

Pay special attention to your bed – Your pillows and mattress can breed dust mites as dust mites feed on dead skin cells. Washing and changing your linen at least once a week in hot water can remove dust mites and their droppings. Additionally, vacuuming your mattress once a week will reduce dust build-up. For added protection consider investing in a mattress cover. A mattress cover will encase your mattress and prevent dust circulation. Professionals recommend changing your mattress every 7 years to keep it clean and to maintain support.

Take a look at your living room- Foam seat and sofas can trap food particles, stains, and pet dander, creating the perfect breeding ground for dust mites, mold, and moisture. Make it a practice to vacuum and clean stains at least once a week. Changing your foam and cushioning every 5 years, can reduce allergens that are embedded in your foam while providing flexibility and support.

Avoid carpets and curtaining – Bare floors are the best choice for allergy sufferers as vacuuming your carpeting will not remove dust entirely. For window treatment, opt for Blinds as they collect less dust and are easier to clean.

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