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Product that help to lose weight

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Green tea is a staple in the Chinese culture. Recent studies find that green tea to contain catechin, an ingredient commonly known as EGCG. It is a compound that is present in green tea in abundance that helps improve metabolism. Improved metabolism naturally leads to weight loss. According to a report published in the International Journal of Cardiology, green tea help to lower the damage caused by free radicles, effectively helping heart cells. Another research experiment conducted by the Rutgers University in New Jersey found that those mice that were fed with green tea extract significantly lower body weight, increase the lipid levels and decreased blood glucose levels. Cellan is a product that contains 100 percent green tea extract as one of its main ingredient.

Cellan is a supplement freely available in the market. Green tea extract is one of the main ingredient in Cellan. Other ingredients include inner parts of dried African Mango, Vitamin C and B3, and an exclusive berry blend. Together these ingredients help to improve your metabolism, lover harmful bad cholesterol, improve the ratio of LDL and HDL, and improve overall body energy. Watch a YouTube video at to obtain additional information about Cellan.

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