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Selecting The “Best Fat Burning diets”

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Selecting The “Best Fat Burning diets

Article by kevinb

Selecting From The “Best Fat Burning Diets” appears to be one of the most difficult things for overweight people to do. This is also not surprising, considering the measure of hype, empty promises and inaccurate information that accompany many of the so called “best fat burning diets” promoted in the media these days. This alone is enough to confuse, overwhelm and lead most people astray.

There are a number of fundamental checks one could easily perform to establish reasonably accurately whether the fat burning claims made by some of these products have any substance to them. These checks will enable those searching for the best fat burning diets to make informed decisions. Following below are the topmost 5 diet myths to watch out for when looking for top fat burning diets. These merely DON’T WORK and are plain bad for you:

1. Low Carbohydrate Diets

You must have attempted low carbohydrate diets, or at least heard of them These diets DO NOT work and actually make you to gain weight after the initial weight loss. Low carbohydrate diets are also not sustainable as they are famous for inducing headaches, irritability and loss of sleep.

2. Low Fat Diets

“Low Fat” foods sold in supermarkets are typically calorie ridden, which will actually cause you to gain more weight. Do not be mislead to believe that low fat foods are weight loss enhancers. Low fat foods DO NOT equal weight loss.

3. Starvation Diets

The worse thing you can do is to is to starve yourself, as this will actually cause you to gain weight. Our bodies need food to function and burning fat is one of those functions.. Any fat burning diet that expects you to eat very little, drink only liquids, or something else that seems “crazy”, don’t do it. It will adversely affect your brain functions and slow your metabolism down to a GRINDING HALT! You CANNOT lose weight and remain healthy by starving yourself of nutrition.

4. Following Pre-Packaged Dieting Programs

Far healthier and more nutritional foods can be prepared at home than what any of these pre-packed programs can offer you The supposed “convenience” these offer often have a hefty price tag attached to them…your health….so avoid being talked into it..They also don’t come cheap and could cost you up t 0 per month, which is more than most people spend on groceries in a month. This just simply doesn’t make sense.

5. Hollywood Diets

I’m almost reluctant to include this here as it may appear that I’m underestimating people’s intelligence, but the sad truth is that there are so many people still falling for this. How ridiculous…”cookie diets”, “syrup and water diets”, “secret potion diets” and the list goes on. “Nutrition” is surely the key that distinguishes the best fat burning diets from the bad ones. Losing weight at the expense of your health is not considered a smart decision.

So be sure to watch out for these myths when doing your research to find the best fat burning diets. By employing the above precepts, you will be well on your way to finding many reputable fat burning diets. It will eliminate most of the trash from your searches, needles to say that it will also most surely save you a lot of money too.

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