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Should You Avoid Fat If You Want the Best Fat Burning Workout?

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Losing weight and avoiding fat can be two things which are very difficult to do together. It is hard enough to stick to a workout routine, without adding a diet to the mix. The problem is that without a diet that has less calories than you expend on a daily basis, you will never lose weight (or fat for that matter). This is why you should get on a diet, and a diet that is low fat, because fatty are usually the most calorically dense food around.



You will need to avoid all baked foods because these are very dense in calories and definitely won’t help in a weight loss program. Forget about that tasty doughnut and you will soon shed some pounds easily. Another thing which needs to be avoided is buttering the toast because butter contains lots of fat and it should be avoided. In the same category of fatty products is mayonnaise, margarine and shortenings. Another source for fat which can interfere with your workout is milk with a high content of fat. Milk is good, but it should be consumed with care. Prefer skim milk otherwise in order to get the good calcium, but to avoid the fat.

All the above recommendations are not enough if you do not start and exercise right away. The low fat diet needs to be combined with a healthy meal which contains fruits and veggie. You will need to get your energy from a place. It is true that the body needs fat in a certain amount, but too much of it will totally ruin your diet and workout.

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