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When should a child have their first dental appointment?

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Article written by Elite Dental Group.

As a parent, you may be wondering when you should take your child for their first dental appointment. Usually, dentists recommend visiting a dentist after a child’s first birthday. Your first visit is important as the dentist will check a child’s teeth for any abnormalities, while providing advice on good oral habits.

When choosing a dentist it is recommended to choose a pediatric dentist as they specialize in children and provide a fun, relaxed environment for a child’s first dental appointment. Pediatric dental clinics also use small-sized dental equipment that can make children feel comfortable. If a child’s first visit is positive, chances are that they will be happy to visit the clinic again and be encouraged to keep their teeth clean.

To prepare for the appointment, clean a child’s teeth gently with cloth (or gauze) and water. There are specially designed toothbrushes for young children which are a good alternative, however, avoid using fluoride until a child is 2 years old. Using fluoride when teeth are forming can cause discoloration and spots. Cleaning a child’s gums early can help to get children accustomed to a daily dental routine and make them feel comfortable at their first dental visit.

At your first visit, a dentist will tell a child to remain on their parent’s lap to make them feel relaxed. They will then examine a child’s jaws, check for tooth decay and their bite. They will also look for issues that may affect a child’s teeth growth and speech patterns. The dentist will then carefully clean the child’s teeth and advise the parent on good oral habits. Dentists recommend two visits a year but check with your dentist if this is necessary.

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