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Do Fat Burning Supplements Work?

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Do Fat Burning Supplements Work?

Article by Ben Pate

We hear this question a lot: Fat burning supplements, do they really work, or what? The fact is that they SHOULD work, but that not all of them do. Now, not to name names, but some supplements are little more than a placebo, something to make you think that you’re burning fat when, in fact, they’re not doing much for you.

If you’re looking for fat burning supplements, they should contain one of the following ingredients.


Getting rid of fat is all about fiber, really. You don’t actually burn FAT with this stuff, but it does help to keep you feeling full, meaning you don’t have to eat quite as much to feel like you’ve had a good meal. It helps to keep you regular, meaning that you retain less waste and less weight, and it helps you keep your energy up when working out so that you can always run that extra mile or two before calling it a day.


Electrolytes help keep you hydrated and energized. Most sports drinks contain enough electrolytes to go around, so using one of those should help you out. They’re best used as a supplement to help you recover after a serious workout, so keep some handy after a long run, walk or bike ride so that you don’t feel too worn out, and so that you can go again when you need to without passing out from dehydration. You should know, however, that water is still the best sports drink available, even if the added electrolytes do you help you out a bit.

Vitamin B

Any of the vitamin B based supplements should lend you a boost in energy when you’re running the track or doing crunches. Vitamin B is all about energy, and many actually just take vitamin B in pill form rather than drink a cup of coffee or have an energy drink in the morning.

Protein, Creatine, etc.

Protein and creatine based supplements are great for building muscle, but if your primary goal is to lose weight, you may want to hold off on these until you’re ready to start hitting the weights. Still, if you want a full fitness program, this muscle building stuff can be incredibly helpful. Just remember that if you use these and you weight train, that it will offset your progress in losing weight, as muscle weighs much more than fat.

The fact about supplements is that they’re only going to help you as much as you’re actually willing to help yourself. Fat burning supplements don’t do it on their own, which is why they’re called “supplements” and not “magic wizard pills”. These supplements can keep you energized and speed up your progress when you’re working off the extra weight, but they still have yet to invent a supplement that allows you to just sit on your butt and watch the pounds fall off. So make sure that any supplements you take are complemented by plenty of water, a fierce workout regiment, and a healthy diet, because you can’t lose weight on this stuff alone.

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Not to say that they aren’t a big help when working toward fat burning, because in fact, they are, but they’re not what you’re looking for if all you want are miracle weight loss tips that allow you to maintain an unhealthy lifestyle with a healthy body.

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