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Taking the Mystery Out of Fat Burning Foods

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Taking the Mystery Out of Fat Burning Foods

Article by Athena Bell

People seem to mean different things when they refer to fat burning foods. Often, this term is used to refer to negative calorie foods…those that take more calories to digest than are contained in the actual food. Celery would be one example of this; the process of consuming celery uses more calories than ingested by eating the celery.

Fat burning food can also refer to foods that promote fat burning by being nutritionally dense and healthful. These foods burn food through increasing metabolic efficiency, by allowing the body to burn energy at a higher rate.

Let’s clarify a bit more. Food itself does not burn fat, but eating foods high in nutritional value throughout the day keeps one’s metabolism running in high gear, thereby promoting fat burning. The list of foods that satisfy this requirement is not confined to 7 or 15 items, as some would claim. Fat burning foods include lean protein, all fruits and vegetables, non-refined carbohydrates, and healthful fats. Any food in its natural form, that has not been refined or processed, will likely qualify.

Foods to be avoided, those that will slow the metabolism and promote fat gain, include processed foods such as packaged items that contain high amounts of salt or sugar, baked goods and pastries, soda (which I hesitate to call a food in the first place). The deadliest combination is sugar and fat; avoid this at all cost if you are trying to burn fat. This would include such items as cake, cookies, and doughnuts.

Fat burning food is a food that promotes an efficient metabolism by being high in nutritional content while containing a reasonable amount of calories. By trying to include these foods as much as possible, you will give yourself a jump-start in your quest to burn fat and become lean.

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Athena Bell has spent the past few years studying fitness and nutrition in an effort to prevent middle-age spread.

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