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Why Fat Burning Supplements Do Not Work!

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Why Fat Burning Supplements Do Not Work!

Article by Rebecca Park

Many people trying to lose weight fail to achieve any positive results and fall into the trap of looking for a quick fix. Then they discover fat burning supplements at their health food store and think this is the answer.If you are looking for a quick fix to fat loss, fat burning supplements are never the answer. It is well known that there are dangers with weight loss pills…potential heart attack, damage to the liver, hormone disruption, stroke, permanent damage to your metabolism and the list goes on. Don’t do that to your body. Take a more natural approach to weight loss.Healthy eating and fat burning exercises are always the answer, but sometimes we need to implement the best fat burning workout to speed up the process.Here are some of the best fat burning tips that you can implement for fast fat loss results:

Reduce wheat and dairy products from your dietThis sounds difficult and most people find it difficult in the beginning but the truth is, it works! Many wheat and dairy products will cause a mild inflammatory reaction in your body without you even knowing about it. However, if your intake of wheat and dairy products is high it makes it really difficult to remove any fat for your body. Wheat products include most breads, cereals, crackers and pastas. Dairy includes milk products and cheeses. However, eggs are fine and a small amount of butter is acceptable and will not inhibit your body’s fat burning process.

Eliminate all grains until you have lost some fatAgain this is hard for most people but it works. I highly recommend going “grain free” until you reach your desired body fat level. Grains include rice, oatmeal, millet and quinoa. All these grains are healthy but a few weeks without them will really help your body lose fat faster. If summer is approaching and you have to get into a bikini in a few weeks or you just want the weight to come off faster, this will really help. Make the sacrifice now and be rewarded in a few weeks.

Add lemon juice to your water or teaThe liver is your “fat burning furnace” organ and you always want to keep it working at its best. Lemon juice is a wonderful detoxifier for the liver. Keep your liver healthy, by not only eliminating processed foods and toxic substances from your diet but also by giving it a good detox with some fresh lemon.

Add some cayenne pepper to your drinksYou can add some cayenne pepper to your drink and that will help to get your bowels moving. After all, if you are constipated the food is not finding its way out quickly enough and fat loss will be much slower.

Eat your fruit servings before 4pmYou may see increased fat loss results by eating your fruit earlier in the day, that is, with breakfast, mid morning snack and lunch. Eat vegetables for your dinner. You still receive your servings of fruit for the day but will have had them much earlier in the day.

Here are the best fat burning exercises

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There are many fat burning workouts that you can try before resorting to something dangerous like taking fat burning pills. Take action on the above steps and walk onto the beach this summer with that great body you desire.

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